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Since 1986, Phillip J. Boucher has been pursing the writing craft. From simple poems and the creation of the Power Animal poetry newsletter, to articles, books, fiction, and freelance writing, his progression in the writing field has always been fuelled by the desire to create works that both entertain and educate.

As an introvert, his very shy and quiet demeanour is the backbone to his success as a writer. Keeping relationships business-like rather than personal enables him to provide the best writing for his clients. He also is not person to become "star-struck" when working with celebrities and other notables.

His long-time column, Fresh On The Air, written for Canada's new Amateur Radio operators, appears in each edition of The Canadian Amateur magazine. He is the author of the trade books Slot Machines: Fun Machines or Tax Machines?, The Complete Guide to Canada's General Mobile Radio Service, and The Almost Complete Guide to Yaesu's VX-6R.

In addition to his non-fiction books and freelance writing services, he is now writing fantasy fiction. His unpublished novels, Dragonstoen and Tattonville, are currently being reviewed by publishers. His fantasy short stories, Dragonstoen: An Amulet for a Prince, The Tower of Eletal, and Disturbance Call at the Fairy Bar, have all been published by Necrology Shorts.

Phillip provides a multitude of freelance writing services to many types of clients. Please peruse the website to see how he can help you in all your writing needs.

Phillip lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife, three dogs. and all the fantasy creatures that reside in his head.

Dr. Robert Ing, Author, Media Personality, and Forensic Intelligence Specialist with Phillip J. Boucher

Photo of Forensic Intelligence Specialist Dr. Robert Ing and Freelance Writer and Author Phillip J. Boucher

Dr. Robert Ing is a personal friend and a highly respected Forensic Intelligence Specialist. He has been on many Canadian and American news programs including Discovery, CBC, and CNN. In September 2007 he published his 13th book, "Chatter Beyond the Fringe," (ISBN 978-0595-69819-6) a selection of cases that he had been personally involved in throughout the course of his intelligence career. The book provides a window into the mind of a forensic intelligence specialist and his adventures with terrorists, slave traders and spies. Chatter beyond the Fringe reads like a diary that is filled with dashes of conspiracy theories, technology, forensics, and action. By reading these accounts, you become more aware of how technology, in the wrong hands, could impact your life. This is a very interesting and intriguing book, one that "they" don't want you to read, so therefore I highly recommend it. Visit Bob's website at www.drroberting.com/index.html and check out his book, "Chatter Beyond the Fringe".

“Phillip has the ability to communicate technical information on a level a general lay person can understand. He is creative in his approach at presenting ideas and his copy is always an 'easy read.' He is dependable and has never missed a deadline. Highly recommended.” Dr. Robert Ing

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