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Current Consulting Fee 2018


My current standard hourly rate for Slot Machine Addiction and Responsible Gambling consulting services is $125.00, minimum 1 hour charged or any portion thereof. However, negotiated project-based fees are more cost-efficient due to various requirements and results, complexities, and timelines within the project parameters. Hourly rate, and project-based fees if not negotiated into the contract cost, do not include any extra related consulting expenses that may be necessary to complete the project. Related expenses may be necessary in the process of doing work for you, however I prefer to keep related expenses to an absolute minimum or avoid them altogether when I can. Possible related expenses will be discussed during initial consultation. Related expenses include but are not limited to long distance phone calls, cellular calls, postage, photocopying, travel, gas, accommodation, meals, research time and materials both on and off line, equipment, or other such expenses as may occur. Work may be done via email, computer (eg. Skype), phone, fax, courier, regular mail, or meeting with client. Projects billed 30 days net for work completed up to that point, with advances or other fees paid up front or on schedule as per mutually agreed-to in contract.

No work will commence without a mutually agreed-to contract signed by both parties and this requirement is non-negotiable. Running contracts available for clients with regular needs (counsellor training, long-term consulting, employment as lobbyist or consultant, etc.)

Projects for all Aboriginal and non-profit clients  are done at 50% off of the hourly or quoted project rate.

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION CONTACT ME AT phillipjboucher@gmail.com

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