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Sometimes, a celebrity, public figure, or a person of noteworthiness (such as a company president, a politician, or an expert in a particular field), is contacted by a publishing house or magazine to write a book or article, or themselves wish to write a book or an article. It may be an autobiography, a magazine article, a book on their industry or occupation, or maybe even a novel or other work of fiction. Some have the writing skill to be able to do it on their own. Others need help in compiling and producing an effective written product. Others don't want to be involved in the writing process at all. You may already have an offer or contract with a publisher to provide your material. Alternately, you may want to pitch your proposal or material to a publisher for consideration For those who need help or just want it done, I am the one who can bring your idea to fruition. 

Collaborative writing with you would be either an "as told to" or a "with/and" aspect. An "as told to" collaboration involves you relating your ideas, notes, and writings to me, telling me your story or your idea, and I craft the writing product for you. The name on the project would be similar to "Nobody Knows Me Better: The Autobiography of John Doe, as told to Phillip J. Boucher", or "Industrial Espionage and the CEO: Protecting the Company's Assets, by John Doe, as told to Phillip J. Boucher". The reader understands that you provided the material for the work, and I wrote it. 

A "with" or "and" collaboration involves the both of us participating in the writing project, developing ideas together, do the writing, re-writing, and editing. "Silver Sent, by John Doe, with Phillip J. Boucher" or "Silver Sent, by John Doe and Phillip J. Boucher". A "with" suggests that you are the main writer of the work, with me as more of a minor player in the creating of the work. An "and" suggests that both you and I contributed equally to the creation of the work. 

Ghostwriting projects can involve your participation in any extent at all, from a full-blown interview about your life or your completed fiction draft, to just presenting an idea and having me create it. Regardless, with pure ghostwriting, I am never mentioned on or about the product. You are perceived as the person who has created the work exclusively.  

My extended services for celebrities, public figures, and notables include:
- an enforceable confidentiality agreement, and total confidentiality regarding you and your project and the utmost respect for your privacy or position
- acknowledging your fame and popularity without being "star struck" by it. As such, temper-tantrums are not allowed
- ability to contact me via email, fax, or phone at anytime day or night, to make an inquiry or provide information
- fair and honest feedback even if it is not what you want to hear
- Canadian slant if so desired for Canadian born clients 

Why not have your assistant or manager contact me today to see how I can help you with your project or idea?

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