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How To Play Slot Machines - Quick and Dirty Method


To avoid falling into the trap of believing all the hype and other nonsense that exits about EGMs (Slot Machines), I will give you the quick and dirty steps you should follow to effectively play a machine and avoid becoming another statistic in the gambling addiction community.

1) Determine how much money you intend to take to the casino. This will be an amount you can afford to spend! You are spending this money for entertainment, much as you would spend money to go out for dinner or to a show. You will never see this money again. This is money you won't miss after you've spent it.

2) Leave all credit and debit cards at home or in your hotel room. Bring only CASH.

4) Find the theme of a machine that appeals to you.

5) Read the pay table and help screens thoroughly! Make sure you understand how many credits the machine requires to hit the jackpot, what the winning combinations are, how bonus rounds are acquired, and what each credit buys. For example, in a coin-multiplier, you will win on any winning combination on the pay line, but will win more money for each additional credit you play. On a multi-line game, you will only win on the pay lines that you have bet a credit on. On a buy-pays, each credit will only buy a specific section of the pay table.

6) Put your spending money into your right pocket and play from there.

7) Decide how many credits you wish to play per spin. Remember that to win the jackpot you may need to play the maximum credits for the machine. Note that on multiple line games, you can play many lines per spin in the perception that you are increasing your odds of winning. This is simply a marketing gimmick. "Multiple lines per game" machines really just let you play multiple games per spin.

8) For every single credit or coin you win, cash out and put the ticket or coin into your left pocket.

9) When your right pocket is empty, you are through playing. It's time to go home or back to the hotel.

10) Take all the coins or tickets you have in your left pocket to the redemption machine, cage, or cashier, and cash them in for real money (unless the casino you are playing in uses real coins) then GO HOME! GO BACK TO YOUR HOTEL! These are your winnings, whether it's only five cents or fifty thousand dollars. Come back another time.

Remember to keep track of the money you are spending so you don't end up playing off any money you have won. Every single coin and credit you win is yours, not the casinos, and if you play it off you are not "playing on their money" as many people believe. You are playing on your money.

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