PHILLIP J. BOUCHER is dedicated to protecting your privacy. The confidentiality and accuracy of your personal information is my highest priority. I take great care and provisions in keeping your personal information private, protected, and accurate. This new privacy policy complies with the current privacy laws of the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario.

I collect, use, and disclose personal information only to enable myself to do business with clients and on their behalf, or as required by law. I collect only necessary information such as name, address, billing address, phone number, fax number, mobile number or email address, or other information, so I can correspond with clients, ship products, send invoices, and otherwise identify clients in my records. For authors, I collect other personal information such as educational or personal background, date of birth, nationality, photo or picture, or other such information for the promotion and advertising, and business activities of the company for, or on behalf of, the author, and as required by law. For clients, I may collect any or all of the above information, plus any other personal or business information that may be necessary to conduct business for, or on behalf of, the client. All personal and business information is treated with the same respect to privacy and confidentiality.

All personal information is restricted access and is kept off line either in secured digital or paper format. I do not sell, give, or provide any client's information to any third parties who may use it for any direct marketing or other similar types of use. Client information is strictly for my own business use between the client and myself, or on the client's behalf with any other third party. I ensure that any other third party understands my commitment to the protection of my clients' personal information and work together with any third party to protect that information.

I keep personal information on file for as long as reasonably necessary, or as required by law. Once personal information is no longer needed, it is destroyed.

Under the new laws of Canada, I am not allowed to contact anyone unless the client provides me with initial consent to do so. To collect, use, and disclose personal information I require the client's consent, which is either implied or expressed. For example, implied consent would be when a client orders a product or service, sends me an email, letter, or makes a phone call. They are giving their implied consent for me to collect, use, and disclose their personal information to enable me to respond to their contact and provide the information pertaining to the communication. Information will not be used in any other way. Clients also give me implied consent to retain that information to enable me to contact them for further correspondence related to their initial contact. An example of express consent would be when one of my authors in their contract gives me express consent to use their personal information to enable me to promote themselves and their work through press releases, reviews, interviews, and postings. Personal and business information express consent for clients is covered in standard and non-disclosure contract clauses.

Barring any contractual obligations or legal requirements, clients have the right to refuse to provide personal information to me, and if I am given reasonable advance notice, to withdraw consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. Please be aware that the refusal or withdrawal of consent may preclude me from providing or continuing to provide clients with services.

Clients also have the right to verify, update, and correct personal information in my records and request to have it amended. There would be no charge for this service.

Also, in providing services I may need to protect the privacy of other third parties in the same way that I protect the client's, if at any point this information is requested by the client, or needed to be provided to the client for any reason. I will need the implied or express consent of any third party for this purpose.

This privacy policy may be changed or updated at any time. Please check this page regularly to keep up to date.