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Documentation Services - All analogue two-way radio equipment

One of the most hated items in a Amateur, commercial, or GMRS radio box is not the packaging, but the user manual. In my thirty years of being in the radio industry, both as an end user (Amateur Radio operator VE3BOC) and an insider, I have heard more complaints about the user manual than any other aspect of a new two-way radio purchase. Purchasers and users complain of manuals that are not clear, have mistakes, and do not fully convey explanations about the topic being discussed. And of course phrases like, "To oning the radio rotate over right the knob for clicking," do not sound like, "To turn on the radio, rotate the volume knob clockwise until you hear a click," because of literal translation of the original foreign version. Some purchasers return their equipment or refuse to buy from the same manufacturer simply because of a frustrating user manual.

I provide writing, editing, and electronic documentation services to radio manufacturers to especially address the problem described above. Below are just two of the many types of material that I can create or re-write to make your product stand out from the crowd.

User Manuals - Give me your "literally translated from foreign language" user manual material and I will re-write it so it is easily understandable. Throw me your notes, your design sheets, your scribbles, your diagrams, your bits and pieces of technical and non-technical material for your product and I will create a user manual that will be easy to read and understand, enabling the end user to operate their radio and peripherals quickly and efficiently. Satisfaction with your user manual translates into satisfaction with the product. 

Advertising and Marketing Material - Your in-house or contracted writers, editors, and proofreaders are professionals. How many are experienced two-way radio technicians as well? I am an experienced published author of technical and non-technical material, which is a driving force in my copywriting services to your clients. I can take your current and future advertising and marketing projects and create, re-write, or thoroughly examine and report on your material so it is targeted to your end user. Your message will be clean and clear and will speak to your end-user. Your radio advertising and marketing materials will talk to the reader, will make them take notice, and will get them to request further information. 

Beta Testing Service - Amateur Radio/Family Radio Service/General Mobile Radio Service

Designing and engineering an Amateur or GMRS radio and its associated bells, whistles, and accessories, whether from scratch or modified from current radio and peripheral  platforms, is all for not if you don't do extensive testing to ensure that the end user is getting a quality product that will perform as promised. Laboratory testing can qualify and disqualify many parameters of the radio and its associated equipment. Field testing further ensures that the radio and equipment are operating as designed. Did you design the  radio to be an engineering and technical marvel to dazzle the buyer, or did you design the radio with the end user in mind? Sometimes the latter takes a backseat to the former. That's where my Beta Testing service comes in.

I take one of your Amateur rigs, or two of your same new or current model GMRS radios with peripherals, and put them through real life use and situations. I push your gear to the very limit. I use them just like your end user would day in and day out. And I do this independently and totally unbiased in any way so you get the proper and informative feedback you need to redesign or re-evaluate your equipment. I return your radios and peripherals to you with an extensive report on what I found outstanding, what I feel is lacking, and what I would recommend to improve its appeal to your end user, both at the retail end at purchase, and in your advertising and marketing activities. I have over thirty years experience in two-way radio communications, so you know I have the ability to beta test your radio gear with authority. I also write the column Fresh On The Air for The Canadian Amateur magazine, targeted to new Hams, in which radio design and features are occasionally discussed.

Some of the things I test for, rate, and report on, include:
- OOTB Usability. Just how easy is it to use the radio and its related speaker-mics, cases, chargers, battery packs, etc, "Out Of The Box" without reading any documentation? You'd be surprised at how many consumers do this.
- Ergonomic Design. Are the buttons, knobs, case, antenna, etc. designed for ease of use? How does it feel in the hand? Can any part be damaged easily?
- User Manual and other documentation. Yes, I tear into your user manual and other documentation word by word, and looking at it from the user's point of view, evaluate things such as; is it easy to read and understand? Are there any typos or mistakes? Are instructions structured properly? Does text match the diagrams? Is the documentation in readable English, not literal translation from another language?
- Peripherals. I try out any optional equipment (headsets, mics, speaker-mics, cases, chargers, etc.) for the same parameters as the radio itself.
- Transmit and Receive Audio/Signal. I check for quality and efficiency of transmit and receive audio signal in a variety of situations. 
- Usability Time. I check your battery packs or user supplied AAA and AA batteries for amount of workable time in actual use.
- Display. Is the display informative? Easy to see and understand?
- Bells and Whistles. I test and evaluate all the bells and whistles on your rig including CTCSS tones, encryption, call signaling, and other current and new features that set your model or brand above any other.
- Specs. I go over your technical specs and evaluate them in the real world.

I do much more, and return to you a full report along with your radios and equipment. Why not contact me now and we can discuss your interest, needs, and requirements, and answer any question you may have. You make them, I test them. Our partnership is the best way to bring well designed Amateur and GMRS radios and equipment to your end user.


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