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J.S. Bach's Restaurant (print ad)


At J. S. Bach’s, we know comfort food. From meatloaf to macaroni and cheese, or a steak dinner to a simple soup and sandwich, our food is guaranteed to satisfy almost anybody’s taste. All of our breads, rolls, pastas, and condiments are made right here in the restaurant from the freshest ingredients. We use only local beef, poultry, eggs, and cheese from area farms. We even grow our own herbs! And we pay our staff real living wages which means better service for you.  


Unlike other restaurants that charge you both your arm and leg for a small bowl of soup, or tell you what side you have to have with your entrée, we let you decide. We feel choice and low prices are important parts of a good meal and great dining experience, so we let you choose your side with your inexpensive entrée. And while other places feel that gravy is a food item and charge you for it, we think that gravy is a condiment, so we give it to you for free! And it will always be free here at J. S. Bach’s.  


Low prices, great food, soft Baroque classical music, and excellent customer service are what have made us one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Why not come and taste for yourself! 


J. S. Bach’s. Meat and potatoes and a whole lot more. Comfort food at its best!

Royal Purple Tea Purveyors (package copy)


With Three Hundred Years of Experience, We Know Tea 


Royal Purple Tea Purveyors is one of the oldest tea companies in the world. From our humble beginnings as a small plantation in India, we now own over thirty percent of the world’s tea-producing lands. Our tasters are the best in the business and our blends have satisfied Kings and Queens, business leaders, celebrities, and the common folk in all facets of their lives.  


Our Orange Pekoe, English and Irish Breakfasts, and exclusive Royal Purple Black, have won many of the tea industry’s highest awards for taste and quality excellence. Our Darjeeling Tange is considered to be the best tea in the world.   


Royal Purple Tea is available at finer tea dealers worldwide or by mail order directly from our processing facility. Call us at 1-01-555-555-1143 for our current catalogue, or visit our website at www.royalpurptea.uk.inf for our full line of tea and brewing accessories.

Canadian Handheld Radio (brochure copy)


With the Canadian Handheld HT500, Amateur Radio has never been more fun! The new high gain antenna means hitting more repeaters than any other dual-band handheld radio out there. The high-capacity battery gives you three times the talk-time, and the battery saving option extends it even longer. Exclusive features make the HT500 even more valuable to your operations. Some of these features include:

  • Band Scope  - see what activity is happening on the band and instantly listen to the frequency of choice on the scope

  • Real Frequency Counter - not just a circuit that gives you the approximate frequency, this feature will tell you exactly what frequency a nearby transmitter is on

  • SOS Function - Put your call sign and location into the radio and one push of the EMRG button will send a continuous voice signal on the frequency of your choice if you are ever injured, lost, or in grave danger

  • Repeater Finder - no need to carry repeater directories or look up repeater frequencies before travelling. Simply press and hold the RPTF button and the HT500 will find all the local repeaters for you automatically. Get chatting with local Hams sooner

  • Auto-Transmit Power Reduction - when activated, the ATPR continuously monitors the signal strength of a repeater, and automatically adjusts the radio's transmit power to use only the minimum amount of power required to hit the repeater. This not only complies with federal communications rules but helps save drain on the battery


The HT500 is the most sophisticated and versatile handheld Amateur Radio rig on the market. Release date is June 1, 2010 and will be available at your local Amateur Radio Dealer.  


Specs:  Transmit - 144 to 148 MHz and 430 to 450 MHz

            Receive - 530 kHz to 1000 MHz (cellular blocked in USA version only, Canadian version has full band receive)

            Operating voltage - 5vdc to 13vdc 

            Power Output - Six selectable outputs: 300 mw, 500 mw, 1 watt, 2.5 watts, 3.5 watts, 5 watts


Supplied Accessories: HG201 high gain rubber antenna; hand strap; PW500 high capacity battery; AA emergency battery pack; WW500 wall charger; belt clip; owner’s manual  


For more information visit Canadian Handheld Radio at www.canadianhandheldradio.canada

Rippin' Snack Foods (package copy)


Unlike Rippin' Chips, other potato chip manufacturers use artificial flavours for their chips. Not us. We use only real flavours and the freshest ingredients. Take our Sour Cream and Onion Chips for example. We use only fresh powdered sour cream and both a powdered and dehydrated six onion blend. Combine that with fresh, hand selected, unblemished Yukon Gold potatoes, high-quality sunflower seed oil, sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea, and Vitamin E as a natural preservative, Rippin' Chips are the best potato chip on the planet. And we guarantee it!


Unlike Rippin' Chips, other potato chip manufacturers use artificial flavours for their chips. Not us. We use only real flavours and the freshest ingredients. Take our Hickory Smoked Bacon Chips for example. Our chips are passed over a real hickory wood fire, then we coat them with real powdered bacon. Combine that with fresh, hand selected, unblemished Yukon Gold potatoes, high-quality sunflower seed oil, sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea, and Vitamin E as a natural preservative, Rippin' Chips are the best potato chip on the planet. And we guarantee it!


New from Rippin' Chips. Ripoff Chips! Cheap regular chips for parties, friends, and family. We take our rejected and possibly not that fresh potatoes and fry them in whatever oil is cheapest for us to buy at the time. Then we use artificial flavours and cheap salt. And at 69 cents a bag, you can buy a whole bunch and make it look like you really care. At Rippin' Snack Foods, we believe in honesty. Hmm, maybe we're too honest. Naw.

Radio Policy and Procedure Manual


Easttown Search and Rescue Association Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual


Title: Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual

Approved by: J. K. Mells, CEO, Lynne C. Owen, Director
Effective Date:
July 17, 2003

Document ID: ESRA-005



Easttown Search and Rescue Association Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual



The Easttown S&R RPAPM is the official manual to the operation of the FRS/GMRS radio equipment of the Easttown S&R organization in Easttown, Alberta and supplements the official training provided to all members and non-members in the conduct of company activities and the communications provided. This manual outlines the authorized and expected use of the association’s FRS/GMRS radio equipment for all activities engaged in.



3.1 “Agency” means the Easttown Search and Rescue Association.

3.2 “RPAPM” means Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual.

3.3 “Local Authorities” is limited to mean Easttown police, fire, and hospital personnel.



Mission Statement: "The Easttown Search and Rescue Association provides expert professional search and rescue services and support to government and private entities on a continuous on-call basis. The main focus of the company’s activity is in the search and rescue of missing or trapped persons in times of manmade or natural disasters, terrorist events, lost persons, downed aircraft, or other events that may occur. Our goal is to find all injured and uninjured survivors first, find all deceased second, and recover all deceased and biological remains third (as determined by authorities and authorized to our members who are licensed for such activities.)"

The use of FRS/GMRS radios for these activities must fall within the responsibilities of this agency.



5.1 Authorized Use: For insurance purposes, the use of the FRS/GMRS radio equipment by association members is restricted to the equipment owned by the association. Staff may not use their own radio equipment or accessories. Only staff have authorization to use company radios and equipment for day-to-day and emergency purposes. Volunteer members may not use company equipment but may use their own FRS/GMRS radios and equipment as authorized in writing by the company director for day-to-day and emergency purposes. Non-member volunteers may use their own FRS/GMRS radios and equipment if and when authorized in writing or by other means by the association director or shift manager for emergency purposes only.


Note: Specific authorization for the use of FRS/GMRS radio equipment by staff canine members of the company is indicated in Appendix One of this manual. This equipment will consist of an FRS/GMRS radio equipped with VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) capability to enable staff canine members to alert their handlers to situations in which the canine member is not in reasonable visual view of their handler. Specifics to the use and training of this equipment used by canine members and their handlers are outlined in Appendix Two.


5.2 Channel Selection: The specific FRS/GMRS channels and CTCSS tones to be used for Agency activities will be decided upon by the Director, Shift Manager, Supervisor, or other representative under their authority. These decisions will be made based on the specific activity to be undertaken at the given time, the potential for interference to other FRS/GMRS users or the potential of interference from other FRS/GMRS users, and the number of search groups and non-member volunteers enlisted.


5.3 On-Air Protocol: All persons providing authorized communications on behalf of the Agency shall conduct themselves in the most professional manner possible at all times. All persons shall maintain confidentiality of all information they may become privy to and will exercise the utmost caution in making sure this information is not broadcast over the air.


5.4 Codes: The following codes will be used to send specific information over the air. All Alpha codes with be preceded by the word, “Code”, and then the code word. All Numeric codes will be used as is. The meaning of each code SHALL NEVER be used over the air under any circumstances. These codes have been devised for ease of immediate recognition by personnel, and for privacy and security issues regarding third party interception.


·         Blue – Immediate medical distress

·         Blue Love – Cardiac Arrest

·         Black Jack– Bomb threat

·         Black Mask – Terrorist threat

·         Black Box – Bomb found

·         Yellow – Prepare to evacuate area/persons

·         Green – Commence evacuation

·         Grey – Obviously deceased person; fatality

·         Grey Glove – Biological remains

·         Purple – Area discovered and contained, dispatch police immediately

·         Red – Survivor or target party located alive, trapped, or in need of immediate medical assistance, send help

·         Orange – Survivor or target party located alive and well

·         Magenta – Target party or person located but deceased

·         White – Drug(s) discovered

·         10-3 – Do Not Transmit Until Further Notice

·         10-4 – Acknowledged

·         10-19 – Return to Base

·         10-33 – Emergency

·         10-100 – Washroom break

·         10-101 – Bomb Threat

·         10-200 – Law Enforcement personnel

·         10-500 – Aircraft Crash

·         10-505 – Aircraft “Black Box”

·         Kilo Nine – Search dog

·         Kilo Nine Grey – Cadaver dog


5.5 Unit Designators: Search groups are split into groups of five, with one team leader. Teams are designated by phonetic alphabetic order indicator such as Alpha team, Bravo team, Charlie team, etc. Team leaders are designated by ordered numerical code. The leader of Alpha team will be referred to as Alpha 1 (or Alpha One), Bravo team leader as Bravo One, etc. Each member of the team will be referred to as Alpha Two, Alpha Three, Alpha Four, and Alpha Five. Each subsequent team will also be referred to in the same order (such as Bravo One, Bravo Two, Charlie Three, Delta Four, etc.) The members assigned to a specific designator will be done by random selection, or other method as authorized by the Director.


5.6 Equipment Control: All company-owned FRS/GMRS radio equipment will have their brand, model number, and serial number recorded in the Equipment Control Log. Each radio will be assigned a specific designator as authorized by the Director. Radios will be issued to members and members will sign for receipt of their radio.



 6.1 Relaying Messages: All units will relay official and non-official third party, message traffic in the following manner...

Updated: November 16, 2004


For information, please contact L. Owen at (123) 456-7890

Radio Policy and Procedure Manual 


Delta Polymonograficks Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual – Canadian Territory and Head Office


Title: Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual

Approved by: Freddy James, President; Olivia Hensen, Corporate Legal
Effective Date: March 28, 2011
Document ID: DM01CAN



Delta Polymonograficks Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual



This manual is a mandatory handout to all executives and employees detailing the professional and legal possession and use of the company’s radio communications equipment for company business in the country of Canada.



3.1 “The company” means the business entity of Delta Polymonograficks and all associated companies, persons, and possessions only in the country of Canada.

3.2 “RPAPM” means Radio Communications Policies and Procedures Manual.

3.3 “Company business” means any activity done for, by, or on behalf of Delta Polymonographicks, its subsidiaries, or others as designated by Executive Committee.

3.4 “Radiocommunications equipment” refers to all FRS and GMRS radio equipment owned by the company.



The company provides expert acquisition, creation, distribution, and sales of all types of images, pictures, and other media for a variety of clients and purposes, including but not limited to commercial, government, and intelligence entities. We are a worldwide corporation with offices in every major city in every major country. This manual sets out the responsibilities to be adhered to in the use of the company’s radio communications equipment within the corporate headquarters and entire territory of Canadian soil in performing company business. This manual does not apply, nor is it to be distributed or used in any way, outside of the borders of the country of Canada.



5.1 Authorized Use: FRS/GMRS radio equipment is stationed at all the company’s Canadian territorial offices and is available for use by all employees for interoffice, interpersonal, and other forms of communications for company business only. Personal use of company FRS/GMRS is prohibited and may result in corrective action.


5.2 On-Air Protocol: All employees must ensure that all communications are in plain language. No codes are allowed. The use of expletives is prohibited.


5.6 Equipment Control: Employees must ensure that the company’s radio equipment is secured at all times. Employees will be docked the amount of replacement cost of any lost or stolen equipment from their pay. 



6.1 Company Proprietary Information: All employees using company radio communications equipment must be aware to ensure that any company information is kept strictly confidential and never transmitted over the air. 

Updated: June 24, 2011


For more information please contact Olivia Hensen, Corporate Legal at (123) 456-7890

Dirty Sanchez Mexican Restaurant (radio script)


Underlying soundtrack of soft Mexican music.


(V.O. female)
Last week, I gave my husband a Dirty Sanchez!


(V.O. male)

Last night, I gave my girlfriend a Dirty Sanchez!


(V.O. female 2)

Tomorrow night I'm giving my whole family a Dirty Sanchez!


(V.O. announcer)

Why not give someone special in your life a Dirty Sanchez? Fantastic burritos, tasty tacos, stuffed enchiladas, our MeatyBeany chile, or try our signature dish, the El Paso Steak Dinner complete with your choice of enchilada, plus refried beans and/or Mexican rice. Great tasting food, superb service, and prices that will make you scream, "Ole!" Dirty Sanchez Mexican Restaurant. Delicious Tex-Mex food that will put a smile on your face and a fire in your belly.


(V.O. male 2, Mexican accent)

Hey! Who do you want to give a Dirty Sanchez too?

Newspaper Ad


Tattonville Township Halloween Festival


It Won't Be Just Your Socks We Scare Off!


The 3rd annual Tattonville Township Halloween Festival is bigger and better than ever! New attractions like our Ultimate Haunted Barn, and Bodiless Pumpkin Head that talks and moves. Try our improved Haunted Cornfield Maze with no guarantee you will ever get out. EVER!. Enjoy displays such as real medical oddities, and photos of weird, strange, and downright freaky headstones from around the world. See the creepiest costumes ever created. Kids can Trick or Treat at local businesses on October 31st. And for the adults we have a special scary treat in our History of Torture museum (must be 18 or over and in good health to enter the museum) with realistic victims and torturers! Plus more food vendors than ever to keep your tummies full, ready to be emptied at a moment's notice. (Brooooohaha!)


Added to our Ghost Storytellers this year, along with Wanda Culture and Jeremy Kensing, is Patrick "GhostFeather" Kanate from the nearby Anawatna Native Reservation who will regale young and old with ghostly tales of Native spirits and monsters.


The festival runs every day from October 15th to October 31st from 6pm to 12 midnight. Tickets per night are $15 per adult, $7.50 for children 13 and under, and a family of 4 rate of $50. A festival pass for a group of four people for the entire two weeks is only $300 and is the best value. But hurry, tickets are sold on a first come basis and sell out quickly. Don't miss the Tattonville Township Halloween Festival.




For more information, call us at 705-555-1212 or visit us at www.TattonHowl.boo.


Presented by the Tattonville Township Municipal Council, the Anawatna Native Reservation, and local Tattonville business owners.

Product Descriptions


Sour Puss and Fuzzy Bunny Condiment Dispensers - Our Sour Puss and Fuzzy Bunny condiment dispensers are the perfect addition to your family's table. Like your grumpy grampa, Sour Puss is a mangy and cranky old cat that is full of piss and vinegar (white, malt, cider, or your other favourite vinegar). And like the women in your household, Fuzzy Bunny is sweet and nice, just like the honey it can hold. Durable and dishwasher safe, these dispensers will last for years (unless grampa throws Fuzzy Bunny against the wall).


Space Forks - Never underestimate the power of the forks! And these forks are powerful enough to stab any type of food. Made of quality stainless steel and boasting flashing lights, three-tong design, and spaceship shape, they are guaranteed to please the nerd or geek in your family and release their inner Jed...um...inner space creature. Yeah, that's right. Four forks per package and batteries are included.


Wryte Ereader - Space battles, dragons and knights, hot women and hunky men, or your favourite magazine can all be read on the new Wryte Ereader from Wryter Products. Download books, textbooks, and magazines from the Wryter website via the built in WiFi or simply download to and drag and drop from your computer. The Wryte Ereader can display every type of document format that exits without pre-converting. The unique PageDisplay ten inch screen lets you read in vivid colour or black on white, just as if you were reading a real magazine or book. Annotations, bookmarks, and a host of other settings and features make the Wryte Ereader the best eReader on the market. Versatile, compact, and with a twenty-hour battery at full brightness, the Wryte Ereader will keep you entertained and educated.


Master Tea, Yo! - The coolest tea maker you've ever seen! Not just a redesigned coffeemaker, but a new type of tea maker that nobody can dis'. The Master Tea, Yo! is the ultimate way to make tea. No more teapot and boiling water. The Master Tea, Yo!'s special dual chamber design allows you to brew tea the best way using either loose tea or tea bags. The water reservoir channels cold water to the fission heating element, instantly boiling the water. The boiled water then enters the chamber and is steeped and agitated for three minutes, then dispensed into the carafe. The result? The best tea you've ever had, yo! Comes with reusable mesh filters and a box of top-quality Royal Purple English Breakfast tea. Use at your next knitting club meeting or rap party.

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