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A Native Supernatural Novel



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Junior Constable Barry Mannette, a well-built, long-haired Native from the Anawatna Reserve with slight Shamanic healing abilities, is content at his job with the Tattonville Township Police. He is married to Senior Constable Linda Mcenna, a short but muscular motorcycle cop, and they are supervised by their boss, a large and friendly Jamaican man, Sergeant Alan Parks


But when RCMP Staff Inspector Rene Alou and CSIS office head Agent Andrew Reed head up the secret construction of a training compound in their small central Ontario town, the officers not only have to contend with the possible privacy issues the compound would bring, but also with the murderous rage of a long dead Shaman that the construction has unleashed.




Cast of Characters


Barry Mannette is a xxxxxx Aboriginal from the Anawatna Reserve xx from the town of Tattonville in Central Ontario.


Linda Mcenna


Alan Parks is a large and imposing Jamaican on the outside, but is actually a softie on the inside. His passive-aggressive threats to suspects avoids them trying to fight back or give him any trouble. It's a tactic that works quite well for him.


Renee Alou


Andrew Reed


Anita Peneshin














How this story came to be is really not something that I consciously set out to do. Like all my stories, it may have been something I saw during the day or night that planted the seed. It could have been a portion of a dream that I remembered. Or maybe something from a tv show or movie that made me go, "what if?" Who knows.


To be able to bring the characters and events to life I had to use factual Native aspects but with twists and changes to bring about this story as it developed in my brain and subsequently spewed from my fingers. Some Native readers may find the "facts" in the novel do not match real life. 


I will be working a another Tattonville novel. Not a second book in a series but as a stand-alone story.


I would very much like to hear my readers' comments on this novel, both positive and negative. A writer does not improve unless he or she knows what is successful and what is not. Please send your comments to phillipjboucher.com. I will not be able to respond to these comments but be assured each one will be read and considered.












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