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Technical Copywriting Services


My specialty is taking any type of technical documentation and re-writing it for general audience, or on a particular level dictated by a client's desired readership. However, I do all other types of technical documentation. I am not a typical technical writer. I do not design illustrations or other graphics; this is the job of a graphics designer. I also do not do HTML, XML, or other types of "technical writing". This avenue is served best by a computer programmer.

I write or re-write the technical copy, the actual words that appear in technical documentation. So if a client needs a brochure created from specification and product sheets, a user manual from multiple technical material, or a book, article, or report about a product or service, then that is the type of material I write. Pictures, illustrations, and webpage creation are for the graphics designers and computer programmers. The words, now, that is my specialty! 

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