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Writers, authors, and publishers, like you, of fiction and non-fiction books, articles, stories, and other similar material may decide to seek third-party help, assistance, guidance, or critique to overcome a particular road-block in your writing or publishing activities, or to see if your material is on track in the way you envision. You may want a novel critiqued for style, grammar, or consistency in storyline. Perhaps you need help in re-writing a magazine article for a particular slant. Your non-fiction book proposal may need a tweak here, an edit there. Whatever your needs, I can provide the services to help you along the way. 

- Novels and other fiction: I can critique and report on your novels or short fiction so you can see what is working and what needs improvement. I can also edit your work for consistency and continuity, grammar, spelling, and structure. 

- Non-fiction books, articles: Whether you need it written, edited, or critiqued, I can give you the product or service you are looking for to get your information published and out into reader's hands.

- Ghostwriting: Don't have the time, energy, or skills to write your own material? I can ghostwrite anything for you.

- Book reviews: Give me any fiction or non-fiction book and I'll read it and write a review slanted to your particular need.

- Manuscripts, letters, memos: Want to look good for the boss? Need something typed up in a hurry? Require a quick rewrite or examination? I can provide fast, reliable writing and re-writing for your every need.

- I can help you with the copy material for your website.

- I will also collaborate with other writers and authors on both fiction and non-fiction projects in various genres and subjects.

My services include re-writing and original writing; critiquing; analyzing and evaluating all print material; proof-reading for spelling and typographical errors; copyediting for consistency, punctuation, and grammar; content, structure, and style editing; ghostwriting and co-authoring; electronic publishing of booklets, newsletters, reports, etc. 

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