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Current Writing Fee Schedule 2020

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Rates shown are samples of average rates only for example services and actual fees for specific services may be higher or lower than shown and will be negotiated as to the complexity and timelines determined by the client and/or any pre-signed publisher. Services are for the writing of text only. Rates do not include any extra related expenses that may be necessary to complete the project. Related expenses may be necessary in the process of doing work for you, however I prefer to keep related expenses to an absolute minimum or avoid them altogether when I can. Possible related expenses will be discussed during initial consultation. Related expenses include but are not limited to long distance phone calls, cellular calls, postage, photocopying, travel, accommodation, meals, research time and materials both on and off line, equipment, or other such expenses as may occur outside of project rate quoted. Work may be done via email, phone, fax, courier, regular mail, or meeting with client. Projects billed 30 days net for work completed up to that point, with advances or other fees paid up front or on schedule as per mutually agreed-to in contract. No work will be commenced without a mutually agreed-to contract signed by both parties. Running contracts available for clients with regular needs (newsletters, columns, etc.) Although I prefer not to due hourly rates, those clients who choose to want hourly rates will be charged my standard hourly rate of $105.00 per hour, minimum 1 hour charged and any portion thereof.

No fees are payable for interviews given by myself for writers, editors, or journalists doing research. However, full credit must be given to myself, and my email and website addresses must be listed for those readers, viewers, or listeners who wish more information.

No fees are payable nor is permission required for very short quotes of fifty (50) words or less from any copyright material of (previously) Skyfoot Technical, Phillip Boucher, or Phillip J. Boucher, or copyright material by others but controlled by me on their behalf. Quotes of fifty-one (51) words or more or reprints of any copyright material of Skyfoot Technical, Phillip Boucher, Phillip J. Boucher, or copyright material by others but controlled by me on their behalf, require written permission from me and a fee may be payable to use such material.

Service Rate per Project
Ad Copywriting, Advertorial, Brochure, etc - 3000 words  $2,500 - $3,500
Book - Ghostwriting - with/as told to 50% of advance plus 50% of royalties 
Book - Ghostwriting - no credit given 50% of advance plus 50% of royalties 
  Book - Trade Non-fiction $15,000 - $35,000
Book - Trade Fiction $40,000 - $50,000
Copy rewrite/polish $750 - $1,500
Magazine Feature Story 1500 - 3000 words $1,000 - $7,500
Magazine article average 800 - 1200 words $500 - $2,500
Newsletter $1,500 - $3,000
Product Description (per description) $15 - $25
Technical Copywriting (depends on format/subject/etc) $5,000 - $50,000
User Manual $2,500 - $15,000
Website Content $300 - $1,200
*Projects for all Aboriginal and non-profit clients are 50% off hourly or quoted project rate




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