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When deadlines loom, projects back up, or you just don't have the time or skill to write it yourself, it makes good business sense to hire a freelance writer.

With the amount of written material required by business today, even companies with in-house writers can find themselves overwhelmed with approaching deadlines and multiple projects. And when you want, or are required, to write that article or book, you may find the task daunting with the time it takes and the skill needed to create a product that satisfies what you want to get across to your readers or customers. That's where a freelance writer comes in.

I am a freelance writer, author, copywriter, and ghostwriter for a myriad of topics. I specialize in communicating highly technical information to the general lay person. I fulfill your needs so every memo, brochure, user manual, training manual, advertisement, newsletter, website, blog, article, or book, regardless of subject matter, conveys the exact message of what you want your internal and external customers to hear, understand, and learn. Whether it is a user manual for a new handheld two-way radio or other product, serious or witty product descriptions, an article on customer service for a trade magazine, a how-to book, or copy for a company newsletter or website, I can deliver the message quickly and effectively in the tone and slant you require. Click on the writing service link below to see how I can help you save time and money in all your writing needs. Remember, hiring a freelance writer just makes good business sense.

My Mission

  • To provide writing services to clients that are both educational and entertaining to their readers
  • To ensure that the client's message is clear and conveys what they want their readers to understand
  • To guarantee the privacy and a "no star-struck" policy for all celebrity and notable clients
  • To provide all services in a professional manner with mutually agreed-to contracts and non-disclosure agreements

Solve your writing issues now! Click one of the services below to see how I can help!

Copywriting - Everything from newsletters and advertising to books, articles, and websites. Perfect for all types of businesses that need copy for a variety of projects, need to source out large workloads, or are seeking something unique.

Ghostwriting - Non-credited, or credited "as told to" or "with" ghostwriting of books, articles, blogs, Twitter postings, and other material for celebrities, notables, and other writers. Not a writer or just don't have the time to write? This service is for you.

Technical Copywriting - My specialty, re-writing technical documents for a lay readership. Great for anyone or any business that needs to turn technical material into non-technical documentation for B2B or B2C non-technical clients.

Writers and Authors - Writing and collaboration services for writers and authors. Need a co-author? Need to farm out large projects? Here I am.

Two-Way Radio Documentation - Writing services for both manufacturers and retailers of analogue two-way radio equipment such as Commercial, Public Service, and Amateur radios, antennas, and repeaters. User manuals, technical material, advertisement, brochures, product reviews, Amateur/FRS/GMRS product Beta testing and detailed reporting.

Samples - Samples of actual and spec work.

Current Writing Fee Schedule 2018 - Current schedule of sample fees for various projects.

For further information on all copywriting services, other services, products, fees, or general inquires, please contact me at phillipjboucher@gmail.com.

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